Girls Small Dick

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Perfect little girl. That ass was so round how could you not want to fuck it? - Dave
Kranke Scheiße!
That’s a small dick alright, small girl and it’s barely longer than the width of her palm. Less tha 4 inches and skinny.
bbc spends to much time looking at the camera
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wooooow... so sexy!
Did they seriously just fuck a few minutes then record themselves laying there talking about their k**s ?! Turn off lol.
Stupid fat sluts...and im sure in 10 years they will be marrying one like that
Sorry, I'm just a freeloader You have really sexy playfull personality, it must be a lot of fun to be your boyfriend. Keep up good work
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Poor little bastard. He's lucky to get a nice handjob from a cute girl.
Schade das ihr der Saft wohl nicht schmeckt
What the fuck was that?
Yall go to shows?
Lady WOW
Anyone know who this is?
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